Sunday, February 23, 2014

Allen Keys

Hello, I am a student at Memorial high school and in my inventors and craftsman class I had a project
that I could pick anything in my class that I could fix. 
So as i walked around the classroom, I opened a few drawers and realized how unorganized everything was.
In this particular type of job, it is important to be organized and have everything where it is suppose to be so it could make the job a lot easier. 
Below are pictures of my paper project that I had made, explaining what the drawer I chose contained which were Allen keys.

                        Here I show you what could be one way to fix and organize the drawer with Allen keys to
              Avoid the whole mess and create your own tool box
Once you kind of get the idea, you can ever begin to make a tool box with even better material.
Such as myself, once I did trial and error i got the idea to make a tool box with much stronger cardboard and maybe even soon, I can make it out of metal! 

Side View:

                                                            And finally, what it looks like inside.

I even put the sizes of the Allen keys for whomever needs them could just easily know what size they are
and get right to work! I left no room for any other tools, for I know that other people may want to fit in other tools that dont belong there if in a hurry or just lazy. This box I made is just the size for these Allen Keys and Sure makes it a lot organized and easier to work with.

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